International Conference on Concessions in the Power Sector

“The International Conference on Concessions in the Power Sector brought together experts to discuss how utility concessions can be a promising tool to help end energy poverty in developing countries around the world. The conference, held virtually, examined how concessions under appropriate conditions—an adequate legal framework, a properly designed sustainable business model, and governmental support—can be the instrument that many countries need to address the challenge of full rural electrification. In most cases, concessions would be implemented in some form of public-private partnership.”

You can find an article featuring our team members and colleagues in the MIT Energy Initiative website, where the main learnings of this conference were shared.

An event hosted by the African School of Regulation and organized by the MIT Energy Initiative and the World Bank, in collaboration with The Rockefeller Foundation, the Global Commission to End Energy Poverty, and the Florence School of Regulation; and championed by the Government of Ghana.