Universal access to sustainable energy

Our vision

Electricity systems are growing and transforming across the globe as renewable energy use expands, and developing countries strive for universal access.

Trillions of dollars will be invested in system upgrades and expansion in the coming decades.

WE provides powerful planning & analysis software, and engineering services to utilities, developers, and investors that will help them precisely target and optimize their investment decisions Ultimately Waya Energy aims at greatly accelerating the achievement of affordable, sustainable, and quality power for all.

Mision Waya Energy

Our mission

Make better decisions about how to plan and implement electrification efforts.

Our vision Waya Energy

Waya Energy works with decision-makers, large companies, and entrepreneurs  in numerous countries to help government planners, International organisations, investors, utility engineers, and off-grid electricity system entrepreneurs to make better decisions about how to plan and implement electrification efforts.

WE is a global player in the electric utility industry as a provider of advanced software tools and disruptive engineering innovation services that enable our customers to use data efficiency in operations an planning to optimise investment in electricity infrastructure-saving time and money. 

Our purpose

Waya Energy leverages world-class expertise in power systems modeling, engineering, economics, and regulation from its academic origins to provide advanced decision support services that make use of a data-centric software suite.

purpose Waya Energy

WE’s values and capacities stem from the expertise of the founding team on Universal Access and Sustainable Energy for All, and access to a broad and growing library of proprietary modeling and analysis tools.

Our highly granular planning approach uniquely positions us to address universal access in developing markets by optimizing on-grid and off-grid investments simultaneously.

waya energy

The team behind WE has been active in the electricity distribution sector, with a particular emphasis on promoting sustainable economic development via the provision of electricity services. 

The Waya Energy team is well-positioned in the area of electrification planning, and distribution networks’ technical and economic analysis, with past electrification planning experiences and ongoing activities in several key countries such as Rwanda, Mozambique, Nigeria, Uganda, The Gambia, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia.

core values waya energy
«The provision of one light to poor people does nothing more than shine a light on poverty.»
Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General 2009

Our core values

Disruptive technology base and innovation


Social responsibility and impact

Team’s diversity and self-management